Protected Species Surveys

The ecologists and associates at Windrush Ecology Ltd. are able to undertake a variety of specialist protected species survey work, including surveys for European Protected species such as bats, great crested newts and dormice. We undertake protected species surveys, specialising in bat surveys, within Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, as well as throughout Southern England. Protected species surveys include:

  • Bat survey
  • Great crested newt survey
  • Bird survey
  • Reptile survey
  • Invertebrate survey & insect survey
  • Badger survey
  • Otter survey
  • Water vole survey
  • Dormouse survey
  • Red squirrel survey
  • Tree-climbing survey for roosting bats
  • Otter Surveys

    Otter Survey

    The otter Lutra lutra is a species of water courses and water bodies including streams, rivers, canals, lakes, estuaries and coastal areas. Otters ...

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  • Water Vole Surveys

    Water Vole Survey

    The water vole Arvicola terrestris/amphibius is a species of streams, rivers, wet ditches and water courses. It was once very common and found thro...

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  • Dormouse Survey

    Dormouse Survey

    The hazel or common dormouse Muscardinus avellanarius is a woodland mammal most often associated with ancient woodlands and hazel coppices, althoug...

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