Woodeaton Quarry, Oxfordshire - Ecological Surveys

Invertebrate Survey

In 2011 Windrush Ecology Ltd. undertook a full ecological survey and assessment of the former Woodeaton Quarry in Oxfordshire. The surveys took place throughout the spring and summer of 2011 and included reptile surveys, great crested newt surveys, breeding bird surveys, detailed botanical surveys and insect surveys.

The insect surveys were considered to be particularly important in this instance due to the abundance of bare ground habitats suitable for ground-dwelling beetles and ground-nesting bees and wasps. In additon to employing a specialist entomologist to survey for Hymenoptera and Diptera, ecologists from Windrush Ecology undertook a butterfly survey for key UK BAP butterfly species; these included the dingy skipper, grizzled skipper and small blue butterfly. These butterfly species are often associated with brownfield habitats and disused quarries.

Ecological consultants at Windrush Ecology specialise in butterfly surveys and moth surveys, particularly for UK BAP butterfly species. We are based in Witney and Wallingford in Oxfordshire and provide ecological services within Oxfordshire and surrounding counties.

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