Protected Species Surveys

The ecologists and associates at Windrush Ecology Ltd. are able to undertake a variety of specialist protected species survey work, including surveys for European Protected species such as bats, great crested newts and dormice. We undertake protected species surveys, specialising in bat surveys, within Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, as well as throughout Southern England. Protected species surveys include:

  • Bat survey
  • Great crested newt survey
  • Bird survey
  • Reptile survey
  • Invertebrate survey & insect survey
  • Badger survey
  • Otter survey
  • Water vole survey
  • Dormouse survey
  • Red squirrel survey
  • Tree-climbing survey for roosting bats
  • Great Crested Newt Pond

    Great Crested Newt Survey

    The great crested newt Triturus cristatus is one of six amphibian species that are native to the UK and as with all amphibians the species uses pon...

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  • Bird Survey

    Bird Survey

    Windrush Ecology Ltd. works closely with a number of specialist ornithologists to deliver expert ornithological surveys. This includes breeding bir...

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  • Reptile Surveys

    Reptile Survey

    Six species of reptile are native to the UK and all species of reptile receive legal protection under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 with re...

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  • Invertebrate survey

    Invertebrate survey

    There are over 30,000 species of invertebrate in Britain, many more than all the other animals and plants combined. 57 invertebrate species are aff...

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  • Bat Survey of Buildings

    Bat Survey

    Seventeen species of bat are known to breed in the UK. Some of these species are common and widespread across country, whilst others are extremely ...

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  • Tree Climbing Surveys for Bats

    Tree Climbing Surveys for Bats

    As well as roosting within buildings, bats often use cracks, hollows and holes in trees for shelter; in fact some species are almost exclusively tr...

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