Coventry Cathedral Ecology Assessment - Habitat, Bat & Bird Surveys

Bat Survey

In 2012, Windrush Ecology was commissioned by the World Monuments Fund Britain to undertake an ecological audit of the ruined cathedral in Coventry. The project involved an in-depth ecological desk study, as well as a suite of field surveys including a Phase 1 habitat survey, bird survey and bat survey.

Given the nature of the ruins and the presence of several underground crypts, the bat surveys also involved emergence watches, automated bat detector surveys, dawn surveys and transect walks around the ruins and through the old Cathedral Quarter in the heart of Coventry.

The City of Coventry and the cathedral were heavily bombed during World War II and the old cathedral was completely destroyed by a direct hit in 1940 during the 'Blitz of Coventry'.

Dr. Edward Bodsworth will be attending the Project Summit on 30th January 2013 to meet with the multi-disciplinary consultant team and to discuss the ecological constraints and opportunities within the Cathedral Quarter.

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